Friday, May 6, 2016

Spring season a traveler

As every year at this time the most closed myself up in the room and getting ready for the session, exams and writing papers at the end of the semester - so it was in the course of undergraduate studies. Changes were, however, at the moment when a person grew up a little bit, went to work and went for a master's degree but in absentia. I started to appreciate then stay with her friends / colleagues. But also I started their journeys big and small. Old town apartment on one end of the Polish and study center made it really sometimes had to figure out to find a guest rooms. Seldom has it happened to me I would have found something in the knowledge because most already had reserved seats. Searching the web is total madness for me - often densely happened that I learned about the changes in the plans a few days before class and we had to combine what to do here with you ... :)
Great idea not only for me but for my friends was what? Was renting in a 5-6 apartment. Yes - it really comes as cheap if you compare hotel rates as a decent standard. Anyone of you can benefit from this solution? It's good accomodation in that place?

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